Eco - Sustainability

 - Kochili

We were thrilled to launch our upgraded hot water production systems in 2022, in our effort to improve energy efficiency, as well as primary energy production savings.

Taking full advantage of Greece's solar power potential, we have replaced the older lower-efficiency hot water production system with high-performance selective solar panels.

We have thus managed to more than double the amount of hot water, in order to provide guests with the best possible services.

Being aware of our environmental footprint, we have removed resistors, and we currently use a very efficient heat pump system as a backup energy source.

This system ensures that guests can enjoy a steady and non-stop flow of hot water in our accommodation.

This system includes:

1. Four containers with a capacity of 500lt each. Total amount of water: 2,000lt;
2. Twenty-one solar panels;
3. A forced circulation system with controller and circulator;
4. A heat pump.

The new system offers the following benefits:

1. It maximises efficiency by making the most out of potential solar power;
2. It guarantees primary energy savings;
3. It helps reduce our environmental footprint;
4. It improves our guest services.