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Horseback riding: - Kochili

Horseback riding:

Don't miss the chance to find yourself at the Kamatriades Free Horse Riding Center in Taxiarchis Village, just 15 km from Neo Pirgos. At 15 acres at the foot of Mount Telethrion, you will come into direct contact with nature and enjoy horseback riding.
Hiking: - Kochili


Hiking the trails of the paradise landscapes of Northern Euboea is an unforgettable experience that will rejuvenate both your body and your spirit. We suggest magnificent routes that start from Kastaniotissa and reach the top of the Telethrion where there is the chapel of Prophet Elias. From here we gaze across North Evia and the Pagasitic. Also enchanting is the route that starts from the village square of Lihada and reaches the summit of Mount Lichas, wandering on the green slopes of Pixarias and the unique experience of crossing the Milea Gorge.
Religious tourism: - Kochili

Religious tourism:

In the village of Prokopi lies the church of Saint John of the Russians, where a large number of worshipers gather daily to worship the saint. Of particular interest are the Galataki Monastery as well as the Monastery of Saint David in which the bones of Saint David the Elder are kept.
Therapeutic Baths and Body Therapy: - Kochili
Therapeutic Baths and Body Therapy:
Give yourself the unique body and wellness experience at the Edipsos spa that is just a breath away from the New Tower.
Nearby Destinations: - Kochili
Nearby Destinations:
Take nearby trips to the seaside villages of Agios Georgios, Elliniko, Pefki, Rovies and picturesque Lake. Enjoy a swim in their crystal clear waters, navigate their alleys and enjoy local cuisine in the picturesque beachfront tavernas.
Drimona Waterfalls: - Kochili
Drimona Waterfalls:
Visiting the Drimonas waterfalls will amaze you and surprise you as you gaze upon a dreamlike landscape at an altitude of about 600 meters where the water falls from a height of 15 meters to a crystal clear lake surrounded by rocks and forests and the waters are endless. This verdant lake is of great ecological value due to the dense fir forest surrounding it and combined with the rare beauty of black pine trees.
Magnificent Lihadonissia: - Kochili
Magnificent Lihadonissia:
We highly recommend a visit to the enchanting green Lihadonissia with its exotic beaches, crystal clear waters, and the impressive wreck on the west of the island.
One day excursion to Skiathos / Skopelos: - Kochili
One day excursion to Skiathos / Skopelos:
North Evia is a breath away from the Sporades and mainly Skiathos and Skopelos. Take advantage of the distance by road and ferry and take a one-day excursion to Skiathos and Skopelos by boat from Pefki (Excursion Boat).